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tost is drawing and painting since kindergarden^^... his passion to graffitti and hiphop started with the realease of afrobs lp "rolle mit hiphop" in 1999.... he sketched alot of pieces before he took the can and started spraying...I would describe his style as a smoove wildstyle with many curves...his pieces are inspired by twisterone (KBC, drips crew, BW) from cologne... he was very influenced by this guy... twister sparked tosters fire again in 2003-04... he likes dark stuff and morbid characters... his characters are influenced by anusone, hombre, pixljuice, nash and many more... hes absoloutly crazy about comics...especially dark stuff like battleangelalita (yukito kishiro) lady snowblood, the dark tower (the marvel graphic novel based on a book series by stephen king), Blame, batman and many others... a comic project by tosterone called "BundesWehrComix" is under construction... I think its gonna be his life`s work... hes painting clean-pieces since 2011^^.... special thanks goes out to seroquel and his psycho-doc ;D _-!*ENJOY OR PHUKK YOU*!-_ -crewloveistruelove- thanks to all people i met at the walls.... everybody who loves the thing.... lets keep on doing till we die.... tilldeathdouspart...ONElove TosterRollercoaster2013

His work



mordor  feat. lonar und deo...danke jungenz

mordor komplett links deo...mitte lonar





























oldschool mim miser













































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